Maine Life Coffee Company LLC
We are a small batch, gourmet coffee roaster, located in the western mountains of Maine. We use Direct-Trade, single origin green beans, mindfully sourced directly from the countries of origin in a sustainable & profitable way for the farmers. Using only 100% Arabica beans, our goal is to provide freshly-roasted, delicious coffee at reasonable rates, along with excellent customer service. We always offer free delivery in our local area.

Back Country Brew

Happy Camper

Maine Mountain Morning

Medium Roast
ORIGIN: Guatemala Cubulco. Notes of Dark Chocolate, Citrus Fruit and herb-like.

Medium Roast
ORIGIN: Ethiopia Guji. Notes of Raspberry, Caramel, Black Tea, Citrus and Cranberry.

Medium Roast
ORIGIN: Brazil, with notes of Roasted peanuts, Chocolate & Brown Spice BODY: Medium

Sunset Delight Decaf

Lakeside Brew

Sunrise Blend

Currently Out of Stock
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Dark Roast
ORIGIN: Peru Cafe Capili. Notes of Caramel, Lemon-Lime, Green Apple and Milk Chocolate.

ORIGIN: Blend of Peru Cafe Capili & Ethiopia Guji. Notes: Refer to Peru & Ethiopia. There's a lot of flavors happening here!

Rustic Roast

Midnight Roast

Medium Roast
ORIGIN: Peru Cafe Capili. Notes of Caramel, Lemon-Lime, Green Apple and Milk Chocolate.

Very Dark Roast
Guatemala Cubulco. Notes of Dark Chocolate, Citrus Fruit and herb-like.

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Maine Life Coffee Club
Our Coffee Club is a great way to ensure you stay stocked up on our coffee and/or try different varieties at a great price!
Here is how it works:

- For just $25 total, you receive (1) lb of the Featured Coffee of the month, for a total of 3 months;
- You can always purchase additional lbs of the Featured Coffee at the Coffee Club discounted rate of just $8/lb.
- This discounted rate is available EXCLUSIVELY to Coffee Club Members.
- Delivery will be approx. the 1st of each month. FREE DELIVERY in the local area. (Any shipping necessary will be billed separately at a pre-determined rate.)
- You will receive 1 complimentary “perc” item per Club for being a member.
- You will receive prior notification each month as to the featured coffee for the upcoming month.
- Billing will be to the email address you provide, with the payment due prior to the 1st month of the club. We also accept check, cash or credit cards.

Coffee Clubs run quarterly during the year. Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.

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Life is better “In The Club”.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We will reply as soon as possible!
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Maine Life Coffee Company LLC
29 Horn Rd Kingfield ME 04947


We are so lucky to have you in our town! Delicious coffee, great customer service (who else has their coffee delivered to their house?) and all round nice folks! Will be a customer for a long, long time.

- Kate H.-
I absolutely love this coffee. I have tried several varieties and cannot pick a favorite. Great customer service and oh so FRESH!!!!
- Jennifer R.
This coffee has a wonderful smooth taste. Wade and Ann Gordon are excellent to work with and are very accommodating.
- Wanda B.
We have been selling Maine Life Coffee at Anni's Market for several months. Our customers have been very pleased with the coffee. We recently added a second blend, Midnight Roast. We've had excellent feedback on this blend. Great service from the company. Fast delivery.
- Tracy B.
Premium Blends
Our name story is pretty simple.

Thanks to our friends. Whenever they would visit us at our camp, or we were camping someplace together, and shared our coffee with them, they would say “Your Camp Coffee is the best!” And we think it is too. Voila!

Maine Life Coffee Company was born!

About Us

We are Wade & Ann Gordon of Kingfield, Maine! How did we get here? Funny story, that. My husband, Wade, for all of his adult life until about 6 years ago, was NOT a coffee drinker, believe it or not. He would always choose diet soda as his beverage of choice instead. I couldn’t understand it for I was a coffee drinker. He always liked the smell of coffee, but never the taste. And then one day, he tried it, again, and miracle of miracles, he liked it! In fact, he loved it! But he was not satisfied exactly with the taste and thought there must be something better. Then he learned about home roasting and was intrigued. After an investment in a Whirly-Pop popcorn popper, his initial roasting began on our stove top – Not a great success – too much smoke! He quickly moved to roasting outside over a propane burner, which he did for a few years. This was good experience in learning coffee roasting up close and personal – the sights, sounds & smells of different coffee beans in various stages of roasting. This coffee was for our personal use and maybe for that of a few friends and family. And then approximately 2 years ago, we decided to make the transition from a hobby to a business, and formed an LLC and soon after, purchased a commercial roaster. And here we are today!

Wade & Ann Gordon